Brand-new research by Curtin College or university has found.

Co-author Dr. Karin Clark, also from Curtin’s College of Public Wellness, explained further analysis was had a need to examine the partnership, however the results could be appealing to nutritionists and medical researchers around Australia. ‘Two-thirds of Australians are over weight or obese, with only 1 in 20 people consuming the recommended daily acts of fruit and veggies,’ Dr. Clark stated. ‘Our study could play an integral part in identifying individuals who have a low usage of fruit and veggies, and better understand their higher threat of chronic diseases. ‘By conducting additional study into this connection, it might open up the chance of being in a position to predict someone’s fruits and veggie intake using their skin color, rather than counting on them to keep in mind every food they eat.’..‘Being a nutritionist, I am taking a look at eating strategies, but to a cardiologist, that may mean new medications to improve HDL glycosylation.’.

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